Patrick Rowberry

             I'm the rag tag leader, interviewer, and comedian. Improv and sketches are my style. I've been the person to point every creature in the right direction and got the ball rolling in the first place. I was the person who created and put mostly everything in place for the discord. Now I organize mod meetings and help keep the chats clean.


             I strive to run everything from behind the scenes. I am the pixel artist/animator, pixel voice (for now), Website Designer, Website Assets, Vendor manager, Advertisement lead, Collab Manager, basically (but not officially) the vice president, Social Media Manager, Official Plushie Advisor.


             I'm a freelance illustrator and an animation student. I've been a part of this fandom since somewhere in season two and this con is now the only thing left keeping me connected.


            I'm a writer and video editor who's been in the fandom since around mid-2013. I'm usually the one who makes the announcements over in the Discord, puts the videos together that you'll see on our Youtube channel, and makes the tweaks and refinements to Holo and Pixel's personality coding.

Alexander Wolf

             Website developer, I am the groups resident code pony. Coming into the group like the Kool-Aid man, I came onboard with a thunderous crash and got the website up and running. I am your all around background pony, nothing remarkable to look at but I get things done.

Blue Prism

           I am a digital artist that makes mainly anime and MLP art. I also post things to my YT channel such as: Speedpaints, Song Covers, and Art Livestreams. I also help make content for The Rift City. Let Your Creative Sides Blosssom.


           Assistant code pony helping with front end development. She is a cotton candy pony who is also an artist that sometimes delves into web development.